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  Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.

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  15 years ago, when I was in college, my roomate and I did a lot of drinking and partying. One night we had been drinking way too much and we ended up at my boyfriend's house, where we spent the night.

The next morning his roommate, Joe, had this big grin on his face and said: "I'll just call you 'The Box Top Kid' from now on." He was a big jokester, so I laughed and asked what he was talking about.

He explained that during the previous night he and some friends had been playing cards, when I had come out of the bedroom - completely wasted - and squatted on a box a little to the right of the bathroom door, and peed in it.

I peed in a box in plain view of the kitchen table, where everyone had been playing cards!!! This guy was always pulling jokes on people and I figured he was just kidding around with me... until about 3 weeks later.

I was in class when a girl came up to me and said: "Hey, I know you from Joe's house, where we had that poker game. Man, you were soooo drunk that night!" and then she went on to tell me how she was really embarrassed for me! Needless to say she wasn't nearly as embarrassed as I was! To this day my college roommate laughs about this story, but I've got a few good ones about her, too!!!
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